Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi Mwiti

Nairobi, Kenya
Joy Kendi Mwiti

Personal Information

I am an IT professional with experience in project management, software support management, training, technical documentation and software development and testing. I am passionate about technology for change and have worked towards providing software solutions and technologies to the last mile in various capacities and roles. This has involved managing and supporting projects in various sectors ranging from government institutions to social enterprises and corporates. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.


1 January, 2013 - PRESENT

Product Usability, Support and Account Manager

Echo Mobile

Echo Mobile is a web-based platform for SMS that organizations can access to send SMS to the hard-to-reach markets and communities in which they operate. My responsibilities at Echo Mobile are: *** Project Management: I managed the pipeline of existing clients and helped them with usability issues, collected feedback from them on platform bugs and suggestions for improvement and made recommendations to the development team on changes to improve usability. I supported about 30 organizations in implementing mobile communications in their projects. Some of the organizations I worked with include UNICEF Education team, World Bank Water and Sanitation Program in Tanzania, Poverty Action in Deworming School Children Programs and Kenya Markets Trust in their health and agriculture programs. **** Business development: I was involved in following up on new business opportunities, client pitches and demos, presentations at ICT4D conferences, writing and negotiating technical proposals, maintaining the relationships between Echo Mobile and its partners and users and regular reporting on project progress and goal achievements to funders. ***Support Management and Training: I managed the level-2 software support process provided to organizational users through email, phone calls, live chat and in-person support. I was also responsible for organizing and conducting monthly user group trainings on the technical and operational use of Echo’s mobile technology tools, creating instructional content through user documentation, videos, FAQs and a contextual Help system ***Software Account Management: I was responsible for setting up and deploying new user accounts as well as maintaining over 30 existing accounts for all of Echo Mobile’s partners and users in social enterprises, Non-profit organizations and corporates *** Testing: I conducted software quality assurance on new features before release and made usability and functionality recommendations based on user experience and customer feedback

3 September, 2012 - 31 December, 2012

eHealth Consultant

Access Afya

Responsible for leading a team of health professionals in adapting electronic health records, digital protocols, SMS communication tools and reporting tools to meet the needs of a high-tech clinic set up in informal settlements.

February, 2012 - August, 2012

Software Developer


I was part of a development team involved in agile planning and development of the core platform, an ICT4D project that leverages mobile technology for positive social change.

January 2011 - March 2012



M-chanjo, a mHealth app, was a finalist in an East African mobile apps competition dubbed Pivot 25 in 2011. I was involved in the research of mHealth in developing countries, front-end design of the mobile application, marketing m-chanjo and coordinating project activities for m-chanjo.



BSc. Computer Science